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Owner: University of North Alabama

Completed: December 2019

Square Footage: N/A

Contractor: King & Associates

Small but detailed, this ticket booth and entry archway pay homage to a patron of UNA’s softball program. The front plane of the ticket booth, extending beyond the edges of the building, is used to frame a plaque about the patron’s involvement in the softball program. The metal coping is flush with the brick, creating a clean pentagonal shape, and the base of the brick is corbelled out to create a line of shadow that emphasizes that shape. A rectangular cast stone accent further points to the plaque in the center of the wall. The entry archway frames the building and shows the stadium’s name in bold, purple letters. The masonry columns supporting the arch mimic the details on the building, with the same rectangular cast stone accents and with the cast stone bases of each column imitating the corbelled and recessed shape of the brick on the base of the building.

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