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Owner: City of Florence

Completed: 2002

Square Footage: 2,624 sf

Contractor: B.H. Craig Construction

2012 AIA North Alabama Chapter - Collaborative Achievement Award

2002 Alabama Architectural Foundation Building -Recognition Award

The Rosenbaum House was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and is his only work in Alabama. The house is considered one of the purest examples of the Usonian style of architecture conceived by Wright. The original L-shaped house and was built in 1939 with a Wright-designed addition being built in 1948. In 1999, the City of Florence purchased the house from Mrs. Rosenbaum to be restored into a museum. Because of extensive water and termite damage, the entire roof structure had to be removed and replaced. Careful attention to detail was given to restore the house to Wright’s vision, while making the home accessible to the public and bringing the structure into compliance with local building codes. The exterior 1” x 12” cypress wall panels were replaced as needed, followed by a process of sanding and refinishing. The entire roof structure was removed and reframed with additional steel, and insulation was added between the ceiling joists. LED continues to provide architectural services for routine maintenance projects for the house.

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