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Owner: Fisher Animal Hospital

Completed: March 2020

Square Footage: 6,300 sf

Contractor: B.H. Craig Construction

Fisher Animal Hospital was designed and built to replace a 1960s-era building that had served as the facility for the veterinary clinic for years. The client wanted a larger facility to better serve the needs of the animals they cared for and their client. Spatial organization was key for the design of the building, with the public waiting room at the front, the treatment areas in the rear, and the exam rooms in the middle as the meeting point between the two. Since the previous building’s waiting area was small and cramped, one essential goal of the client was to have a large, open waiting area. This became the focal point of the building, from the exterior as a tower adjacent to the entrance, and from the interior as a bright room filled with natural light from one tall window and several clerestory windows. The structure is a pre-engineered metal building, and the materials on the exterior facade include red brick and two colors of corrugated metal paneling, which were incorporated into the pre-engineered metal building structure.

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