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Owner: Bob Tiffin

Completed: March 2020

Square Footage: 8,055 sf

Contractor: H&N Construction

This pre-engineered metal building is a facility to train personnel on selling and showcasing the motorhomes that Bob Tiffin’s company manufactures and is a place for Tiffin to house his large collection of classic cars. Clerestory windows were incorporated into the structure to bring daylight into the building. The interior was left mostly open, with two restrooms and a small kitchen near the entry. Several RV electrical outlets were installed inside and outside the building to power motorhomes to showcase them during training sessions. Epoxy was applied to the floors for protection against tire marks, while specialty LED lights were installed to highlight the cars. Special care was given to designing the drives from both Wood Avenue and Alabama Street so that motorhomes could pull in from both streets and maximize the usable footprint of the site.

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