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Owner: Florence-Lauderdale County Port Authority

Completed: April 2021

Square Footage: 2,127 sf

Contractor: H&N Construction

2021 AIA North Alabama Design Awards - Merit Award Recipient

A new office building for the Florence-Lauderdale County Port Authority was constructed to bring the Port Authority closer to the port, both physically and visually. The offices were previously located at the Shoals Chamber of Commerce 2.5 miles away from the Port of Florence, which hindered the FLPA’s interactions with the tenants at the port. The elevated site for the office building increases its visibility from the port. The exterior of the building is clad in a combination of stone veneer and vertical corrugated metal paneling, chosen to express the industrial nature of the port. The roof at the front entrance of the building is cantilevered to provide shelter and invite people into the building. The lobby at that entrance blends the interior and exterior conditions by bringing the exterior stone veneer inside.

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