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Owner: City of Florence

Completed: October 2016

Square Footage: 3,438 sf

Contractor: Smith General Contractors

2017 AIA North Alabama Design Awards - Honor Award Recipient

The Florence Indian Mound Museum was constructed to replace a mid-century structure that the museum had outgrown, and its focus is an Indian Mound that is the oldest and largest in the Tennessee Valley. The museum curves slightly around the mound’s footprint, and includes an auditorium, gift shop, entry lobby, and exhibit area. Certain design elements were inspired by the Indian Mound itself, such as the entryway’s steep-sided profile. The exterior is characterized by cast stone and native cypress wood in a natural color palette. An explorer’s map of the area, including the Indian Mound and surrounding embankment as well as petroglyphs, sits proudly on the wall next to the entrance. These elements turn the building into an educational teaching device.

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